Tartu city is mostly concerned whether the trends of today are a suitable environment for a truly sustainable urban future regarding the issues of ecology, built environment and mobility. While concentrating on the issue of urban mobility there is a slippery slope of neglecting the true goal of a city - bringing people together for the best possible cooperation for building a cohesive society. Such cooperation is not done on the road, but rather while staying put. In a world of fewer resources and dramatic changes in climate, a compact, citizen-friendly city concept goes hand in hand with building resilience in our societies. Tõnis will base his assumptions on historical examples and bringing out a success story from Tartu city’s best practices.

Tõnis has been the City Architect for the last 9 years and has been active in the dialogues concerning public space and sustainability. A number of annual national architecture awards have been granted to projects in Tartu and along with other successfully managed proposals the city has gained a lot of attention in Estonia.