Gleis 21 was developed in a participatory manner with the future residents. The vision, the programming and the whole planning process were worked out with the group. In this way, a co-housing project was created together that focuses on sustainability, ecologically as an urban timber construction, but just as socially with the inclusion of refugees in the project in four dedicated apartments and their integration into the daily life. Beyond that an own cultural association organises a varied program in the in-house event hall with concerts, theatre and film evenings. Thus ensures a lively and livable neighborhood.

Markus Zilker is founder and partner at einszueins architektur. He completed his studies in architecture at the TU Wien and the ETSA Seville.  Markus Zilker has many years of experience in dealing with small and large group processes, from process design and communication to the moderation of workshops and working groups. As an expert on the subject of „Baugruppen“ (co-housing) and participation in planning, he will present at the conference the case of Gleis-21 co-housing project.