The core team of Design Thinking Tallinn comes from Design Minds and Miltton, supported by many volunteers.

We are all true believers in design thinking and human-centred solutions.

We aim to build the summit as a platform to spread the word, get together and experience the well-designed journey. We see the empowering effect of building the design thinkers community, and we value the process as much as the result. Organising the summit and bringing brilliant people together to share their experiences – that's what drives us.

We do it for fun. 

Jane Oblikas

Founder and Curator
tel: +372 5629 4344

Kristi Liiva

Curator and Moderator
tel: +372 507 4162

Maarja Karlson

       Event Production and Speaker Affairs
Kirke Kaur

Event Production and Volunteers
+372 5358 5668

Greetel Joanna Võrk

Event Production and Side Events
+372 505 7900

Hanna Luisa Grosberg

Marketing and Communication
+372 515 8534

Mattias Oblikas

Graphic Design
Tobias Oblikas

Animation and Graphic Design