Sarah Schulman: Problem reframing is really about values

Sarah Schulman is a Founder of InWithForward, and its Social Impact Lead. As a sociologist, Sarah is fascinated by what makes individuals, families, and policymakers tick. She’s worked with federal, regional, and local governments in 6 countries to shift how policies are made and measured. Her experience working within bureaucracies sparked her interest in redesigning them.

At the summit, Sarah will share her experience in designing impactful social solutions.

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Tom Morgan: Designers won’t save the world, but...

Tom Morgan has been an independent product designer, consultant & Senior Lecturer of Design Management and Creative Leadership, and is now a brand strategist and the Managing Partner of ANTI in Bergen. A multidisciplinary agency with studios across Norway; working across design & advertising, technology & business development, TV & film production. Tom shared a very specific and unique process of developing Ventizolve - a drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdose - by involving users, drawing on a great deal of academic research, anecdotal insight and a wide spectrum of stakeholders... all with a tight NDA during the R&D phase. It’s also a highly ‘political’ project, made possible by changes in wind direction from the war on drugs to harm reduction policies. It’s still early days but in the first 6 months alone in Norway Ventizolve was used to save a life 600 times.

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Agne Kinks: It all begins with mapping user needs, pains, goals and motivations

Agne has worked in market and user research for over 20 years. She currently leads the customer and market research department at Pipedrive, where she has worked for almost 4 years now. Prior to Pipedrive, Agne worked for the research company Kantar Emor, where she advised clients from various fields, led the media strategy department at different times, and later, managed the client strategies department. Agne has a lot of experience especially in the field of market research. Working at Pipedrive has added a decent experience in the field of UX. There is a principle in Pipedrive - everyone calls! At the 2021 conference, Agne shared her experience on how to organize customer research in the organization in such a way that everyone can handle it and be able to use the insights in development process.

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Stefan Moritz: Business value of design

The theme of 2021 conference was to decipher and explore how to manage design processes in business so that growth opportunities open up through new user-centric solutions and that the design investments prove profitable. That's why we invited Stefan Moritz, McKinsey's design director, to open the conference. Stefan explains from a personal experience why companies that take design seriously are twice as successful as others.

According to "Leading by Design" survey conducted by McKinsey in 2018, there is a strong link between design and outstanding business results, and the potential for design-based growth is huge in both product and service sectors. However, companies are rather modest in their implementation of design. Only 10% of companies in the survey said they had fully used their design potential.

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Margit Aasmäe: Kui me kümne aasta pärast oleme sama kõnekas koht kui täna, oleme teinud õigeid otsuseid ja disaini investeerimine on ära tasunud

Fotografiska majutab Disainmõtlemise konverentsi, mis sel aastal keskendub Skandinaavia disainile. Näeme, et Fotografiska on nii jätkusuutliku mõttemaailma, väärtuspõhise juhtimise, tervikliku kliendikogemuse kui ka meeli turgutava keskkonna poole pealt väga hea Skandinaavia disaini näide. Tervikkogemuse loomise köögipoolt avas Fotografiska tegevjuht ja kaasasutaja Margit Aasmäe.

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