Markus Zilker: "A clear focus will inspire the team and make it easier for new people to join."

Markus is founder and partner at einszueins architektur. In addition to 12 years of experience in the planning and execution of residential construction projects of various scales, he has advanced training in the field of mediation and community building. He has experience in dealing with small and large group processes, from process design and communication to the moderation of workshops and working groups. As an expert on the subject of "Baugruppen“ (co-housing) and participation in planning, he will present at the summit the case of Gleis-21 co-housing project.
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Tõnis Arjus gives the streets back to pedestrians

Tõnis Arjus is the Head of the Department of Sustainable Urban Planning and City Architect of Tartu, Estonia. He has been the City Architect for the last ten years and has been active in public space and sustainability dialogues. Tartu has been granted several annual national architecture awards and other successfully managed proposals, gaining much attention in Estonia. Tõnis will base his assumptions on historical examples and bring out a success story from the best practices of the City of Tartu.
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Tomomi Sasaki builds bridges towards success

Tomomi Sasaki is a designer and partner at the independent design studio AQ, bringing product strategy, design research and facilitation skills to customer and employee experience challenges. She is interested in how we design the conditions for independent-minded individuals to grow and thrive together.

At Design Thinking Tallinn, Tomomi will have a keynote to start off the final panel discussion session.

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Juho Paasonen on opening new ways to empathise

Juho is the Director of Design at Miltton, the creative consultancy in Finland. He has extensive global experience with over 20 years of product and service design, design management, innovation acceleration, and design-driven transformations from multiple international organisations, including Google, Zalando, and Nokia. He has also been a prominent design leadership and change management coach in Finland and internationally.
We are so glad to have Juho as the host of Design Thinking Tallinn 2022.

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J. Paul Neeley: Instead of simplifying, let's start with discovery

J. Paul Neeley is an American Designer & Researcher based in London. He consults with organisations in Speculative Design at Neeley Worldwide and teaches these approaches at the School of Critical Design. He has worked across a variety of industries and explored topics from AI, VR, and synthetic biology, to wellness, civility, future mobility, and climate change. At the summit, J. Paul will discuss the New Kind of Design, outlining new approaches to design practice with new frames and methods to address the complexity and computational irreducibility in design and business.
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