Juho Paasonen on opening new ways to empathise

Juho is the Director of Design at Miltton, the creative consultancy in Finland. He has extensive global experience with over 20 years of product and service design, design management, innovation acceleration, and design-driven transformations from multiple international organisations, including Google, Zalando, and Nokia. He has also been a prominent design leadership and change management coach in Finland and internationally.
We are so glad to have Juho as the host of Design Thinking Tallinn 2022.

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J. Paul Neeley: Instead of simplifying, let's start with discovery

J. Paul Neeley is an American Designer & Researcher based in London. He consults with organisations in Speculative Design at Neeley Worldwide and teaches these approaches at the School of Critical Design. He has worked across a variety of industries and explored topics from AI, VR, and synthetic biology, to wellness, civility, future mobility, and climate change. At the summit, J. Paul will discuss the New Kind of Design, outlining new approaches to design practice with new frames and methods to address the complexity and computational irreducibility in design and business.
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Pärt Ojamaa: Empathy helps us access the very core of the purpose – the why

Pärt works as a service designer at Nortal. His role is to connect the dots between different stakeholders in – mainly public sector – projects. Pärt loves the process of bringing clarity to complex problems. To do so, he combines his visual expression skills with theoretical knowledge gathered from MA studies in culture theory and semiotics. He believes it is all about the effectiveness of project communication when struggling with wicked problems. At the summit, Pärt will speak about using empathy for improving project communication, and as an intro, he opened the topic a bit more.
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Sarah Schulman: Problem reframing is really about values

Sarah Schulman is a Founder of InWithForward, and its Social Impact Lead. As a sociologist, Sarah is fascinated by what makes individuals, families, and policymakers tick. She’s worked with federal, regional, and local governments in 6 countries to shift how policies are made and measured. Her experience working within bureaucracies sparked her interest in redesigning them.

At the summit, Sarah will share her experience in designing impactful social solutions.

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Tom Morgan: Designers won’t save the world, but...

Tom Morgan has been an independent product designer, consultant & Senior Lecturer of Design Management and Creative Leadership, and is now a brand strategist and the Managing Partner of ANTI in Bergen. A multidisciplinary agency with studios across Norway; working across design & advertising, technology & business development, TV & film production. Tom shared a very specific and unique process of developing Ventizolve - a drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdose - by involving users, drawing on a great deal of academic research, anecdotal insight and a wide spectrum of stakeholders... all with a tight NDA during the R&D phase. It’s also a highly ‘political’ project, made possible by changes in wind direction from the war on drugs to harm reduction policies. It’s still early days but in the first 6 months alone in Norway Ventizolve was used to save a life 600 times.

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