Stefan Moritz: Business value of design

The theme of 2021 conference was to decipher and explore how to manage design processes in business so that growth opportunities open up through new user-centric solutions and that the design investments prove profitable. That's why we invited Stefan Moritz, McKinsey's design director, to open the conference. Stefan explains from a personal experience why companies that take design seriously are twice as successful as others.

According to "Leading by Design" survey conducted by McKinsey in 2018, there is a strong link between design and outstanding business results, and the potential for design-based growth is huge in both product and service sectors. However, companies are rather modest in their implementation of design. Only 10% of companies in the survey said they had fully used their design potential.

What does design implementation mean for a company?

Companies that believe in design empower teams to manage design processes and use design methods. Also, design is not left to the designers' table alone, but the user-centered way of thinking is characteristic to every employee. Successful companies involve designers in the management and strategy decisions of the company, measure the impact of design-related investments, mitigate risks by promoting a prototyping culture, implement sustainable systems for receiving direct customer feedback and measuring their satisfaction, and so on.

Who is Stefan Moritz?

As a hands-on visionary and globally recognized thought leader, Stefan is a senior expert and design director at McKinsey. A recipient of the world’s first master’s degree in service design with contagious energy and 18 years of international experience, Stefan is sought after as a senior advisor, executive coach, and keynote speaker. Stefan has worked with governments, public-sector organizations, and global brands. He is a customer-experience champion and expert, distinguished spokesperson, and advocate within the global service-design community.

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